LAUNDRY PDX (October 2019) - Art show "Blazers' Delight" with new illustrated pieces inspired by Portland Trail Blazers and legendary players.

FRANCHISE X REDBULL (September 2019) - Designed a 20' X 30' hotel billboard for Red Bull's Halfcourt Hotel in Venice Beach. Plus window vinyl promoting 3X3 event covering pizza shop.

JORDAN (August 2019) - Illustrated 16 Michael Jordan pieces for Jordan's redesigned employee space at Nike WHQ.

INSTAGRAM (August 2019) - Designed art templates for Instagram users to customize with art graphics.

BONDI PRODUCE (July 2019) - Designed a Raptors inspired wrap for the company's delivery truck in downtown Toronto.

ZANE (July 2019) - Celebrated the Raptors win with an art show "What's Golden" at ZANE's Queen West location.

THE CITY POOL (July 2019) - Decorated bathrooms with wheat paste style collage of Raptors illustrations.

COMMUNITY54 (July 2019) - Designed Raptors inspired vinyl window for storefront in Parkdale.

THE ATHLETIC (May 2019) - Displayed body of work "Player By Nature" inspired by basketball and sneakers. 

AKTR TOKYO MURAL (January 2019) - Designed basketball themed mural in front of new Tokyo location

SNAPCHAT (January 2019) - Artist designed snap chat graphics for all-star weekend.


OFFSITE POP UP (July 2018) - Gallery show and pop up featuring collection of work from the summer.

1984 STORE POP UP (July 2018) - Featured 100 prints and large scale posters displayed in a beautiful gallery and gift shop in Seoul, Korea.

SNEAKER FREAKER MAGAZINE (June 2018) - Illustrated the front cover of this Australian-based sneaker publication with a playful iteration of the painfully popular Balenciaga Triple S kick.

BONDI PRODUCE (May 2018) - Designed a city/chef inspired wrap for the company's delivery truck often spotted in Kensington.

LULULEMON (May 2018) - Teamed up with the good people of Sandbox to launch a unique showcase of 15 illustrations in the series, "CELEBRATE THE CITY", a 3-month showcase celebrating runners and small businesses in Toronto. 

AKTR POP-UP (May 2018) - Worked closely with Tomo and Kouhei of AKTR Sports Supply in Osaka, Japan to launch a special collaboration AKTR t-shirt with prints, stickers and postcards. 

DOG & BEAR (May 2018) - Released limited edition RAP CITY t-shirt with outdoor window vinyl to celebrate the playoffs at the famous Queen West sports pub.

RED BULL (April 2018) - Developed illustrations for the promotion of "True North", a Toronto-based basketball documentary directed by Ryan Sidhoo. The series gives an intimate look into the rising Toronto youth basketball scene through the eyes of the athletes and coaches who’ve planted the game’s roots and five young hopefuls chasing their own hoop dream.

NIKE:ON AIR NYC: Developed concept and story for an original Air Max 98 design. The final "155th Street" design is inspired by Rucker Park's streetball league. 

HIKU (March 2018): Editorial illustration about cannabis and endometriosis.

ATHLETA MAGAZINE (March 2018) - Editorial illustration about Robin Friday, the most notorious punk in football. 

GIANTS OF AFRICA (March 2018) - Designed 15th anniversary t-shirt for GOF, a non-profit organization that uses basketball as a tool to help enrich the lives of the youth in Africa.

NBA ALL STAR WEEKEND (February 2018) - Featured 10 illustrations at For The Culture, a basketball art exhibit at the Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles.


NIKE CANADA (December 2017) - Year in Review holiday card design.

416 SNACK BAR (November 2017) - Designed 3 t-shirts for 416 Snack Bar, Peoples Eatery and Bond Running.

NIKE RUNNING (October 2017) - Limited edition Nike X Drakecereal bandana design for Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon 2017.

THE CITY POOL (October 2017) - Solo toilet exhibition at City Pool, a prestigious washroom gallery and activities bar located on Dundas West. 

NRML (September 2017) - Designed 2 limited edition t-shirts.

TOFOODIES (September 2017) - Designed 6 limited edition t-shirts.

OFFSITE CONCEPT SPACE (Aug 2017-September 2017) - Art exhibition including 40 framed illustrations, t-shirts, postcards + prints.

COMMUNITY54 (July 2017) - Window display + summer pop-up.

EARLY BIRD COFFEE (July 2017) - Designed original LA-inspired two-sided coffee sleeve.

FRANCHISE ISSUE 03 (May 2017) - 4 pieces of original artwork inspired by basketball culture and art. 

FRANK + OAK (May 2017) - Developed t-shirt design for Local Artist Series. 

TOKYO SMOKE (March 2017) - Illustration for Cannabis Diaries, a series about anonymous professionals and their daily cannabis habits.

NOTABLE LIFE (March 2017) - Instagram illustrations.

SIDEWALK HUSTLE (January 2017) - Editorial illustrations featuring sneakers + pop culture.

29SECRETS (January 2016-January 2017) - Weekly Instagram illustrations featuring pop culture.